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Ableton Live 10 Standart

Ableton Live 10 Standart
Ableton Live 10 Standart
Ableton Live 10 Standart
Ableton Live 10 Standart
Ableton Live 10 Standart
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  • Продуктов код: Live 10 Standart

Ableton Live 10 Standart

Ableton Live 10 Standard

Софтуер за композиране, запис и микс на живо

  • Функция Аудио-MIDI 

  • Съвместим със Serato Scratch Live

  • Браузер с preview функция 
  • Аудио резолюция до 32 bit / 192 kHz
  • Неограничени аудио и MIDI тракове
  • 12 Send/return 
  • До 256 аудио входове и изходи
  • 34 аудио ефекти
  • 8 MIDI ефекти
  • Повече от 1800 звуци и 10 GB семпли
  • Поддържа MP3, FLAC и WAVPACK - експорт
  • Аудио формати: WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg-Vorbis, FLAC, REX


Capture — Recall your best ideas after you've played them – Capture can turn what you played into MIDI clips, without having to think about recording.

Browser Collections — Designed to help you better manage your Live 10 data, you can create Browser Collections that combine elements such as projects, audio files, device presets, and so on. It should make it much faster and easier to keep track of all files associated with a project, for example.

Note Chasing — Another often-requested feature, MIDI notes will be triggered even if playback starts in the middle of a note. Especially if you’re working on ambient music with lots of long, sustained pads, you’ll definitely appreciate this one.

I/O Renaming — Live 10 now allows producers to label Live’s inputs and outputs to match your studio setup. Especially if you work with a large audio interface and lots of outboard gear, this is a huge help.

Improved Mixing Tools — Improved gain range and a Bass Mono feature that makes it easy to manage low frequencies. The EQ Eight device now offers an extended low-frequency range, down to 10Hz for better bass management. And Split Stereo Pan gives you independent pan control over split-stereo audio files.


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